- Jamestown Gold Panning, California. Find Gold Have Fun!
Jamestown Gold Panning
17712 Harvard Mine Road
Jamestown, CA 95327
E-mail minerjohn49@yahoo.com
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MinerJohn has done many things in his lifetime, Cafe owner, carpenter, forestry technician and so on.
Gold panning had been just a hobby when He started in the mid 1980's.
Originally from the great state of Maine, Miner John has mined for gold from Maine to Georgia.
  John came to California 6 years ago in search of the ever elusive metal. Not knowing the area John enlisted the help and knowledge of many "Miners" and was told stories of their great finds, excited of the new prospects John set out to the so called "hot spots" and after much disappointment decided to do some research on his own.
John found a spot that looked interesting and started digging, three weeks of digging and Eureka! his first pocket of the rarest gold in California, leaf specimen gold.
Three months later and 6 more 1/2 to 1 ounce pockets and John was satisfied. This is what he was going to do for a living.
Not always the optimist,John set out again and again and found gold in many places. Not enough to get rich but enough to keep him and his dogs with food and pay the few bills he has.
Today John can be found underground, in trenches, under the water and in almost any place. He and his dogs, Pele, Puppy, Reese  have been spotted in Northern California all the way down to Bakersfield. Where he will show up is a mystery even he can't solve.
So if you hear the bark of dogs and the clang of a shovel or pick in the distance it might just be MinerJohn and his pack of dogs.
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